Factors Affecting How Much You Can Borrow

Your Circumstances

If you have owned a home before or are a first time buyer. If you are buying alone or jointly.

Other Income

Maintenance income, child benefit and second jobs are common forms of additional income that could help your affordability.

The Term

Our calculator assumes a 30 year term - a shorter term will likely reduce the potential borrowing available.

Size of Your Deposit

This calculation is based on a 10% deposit, if you have more than 15% then this could have a positive impact on how much you can borrow

Employment Type

Each lender takes a different view of this. If you are self employed or employed on a contract or temporary basis then income is often assessed more harshly.

Financial Commitments

We have not factored in any commitments at this stage. Committed spending such as existing credit arrangements, child care costs, maintenance payments, pension contributions and commuting expenses are examples of what lenders will consider when assessing your mortgage affordability.

Your Credit History

The better your credit score the more lenders available to you.


Mortgage providers will factor in if you have children or elderly relatives who a financially reliant.

Purchase schemes

Help to Buy and Shared Ownership supported mortgage products can have differing affordability calculations.

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